Play Room Rules

To ensure safety and maintenance of our indoor play space, Please read and comply with the following rules.

  1. Waiver must be signed prior to entrance.
  2. Please refrain from entering if your child is sick.
  3. Children must be accompanied and supervised by parents/caregivers at all times.
  4. No shoes allowed on turf and infant/toddler mat.
  5. Please sanitize hands upon entering the play area and after using the restrooms.
  6. No food or drink is permitted on turf and the infant/toddler corner.
  7. Please return all toys and books, and discard your trash before leaving.
  8. Please change diapers in restrooms only.
  9. Kookaburra Play Cafe will not be held liable for any personal damages or injures arising from participation with our play equipment and activities.
  10. Parents and Caregivers must comply with rules and verbal instruction from staff as a condition of entry into Kookaburra Play Cafe. We reserve the right to request participants to leave should rules be broken or if your child participates in unruly behavior.