Metropolis Coffee

Our coffee aesthetic is rooted in the belief that great coffee comes from a line of respect beginning with the farmers and their respect for their land. We, in turn, respect the farmers by paying fair prices for their harvest, and respect our customers by taking great care in the roasting and brewing our coffees, and in blending our teas. Respect is at the core of our coffee philosophy, and taste is paramount.

Rishi Tea

Rishi Tea offers award-winning, Organic and Fair Trade Certified loose leaf teas, fresh each season and direct from tea gardens around the world.

Lovely Bake Shop

Brooke Dailey was born in Youngstown, Ohio, the daughter of a cop and a robber (of hearts). Growing up around so many donuts instilled in her a passion for the art of baking. She enjoys roller skating, photo shoots, bourbon, and bling.

Gina Hartwig was born in HOTtlanta, Georgia, the daughter of two hog ridin’, chaps wearin’, ministers. She learned how to make oreo soup in the microwave at 5 years old and hasn’t stopped baking since. She enjoys karaoke, leather, kittens, and shoes.

Brooke and Gina met on their first day at the French Pastry School in 2006 and it was Lovely at first sight. The rest is history.

We’ll Clean Hand Car Wash

What makes us unique? We really listen to our clients! We use less water, We’ll Clean promotes going green! We were the first and original hand car wash of its kind servicing all types of vehicles for over 25 years. We love you and your car!

We’ll Clean is proud to offer 2 for 1 car washes for Kookaburra Customers. Call them at (773) 348-2226 to learn more and redeem this offer.

Grin and Wear It Face Painting

Our face art is beautifully creative, and is sure to set your child’s imagination free! We offer both Air Brush AND traditional face (& body) painting. Need some options? We have them! Grin and Wear It happily offers both full and half faces, along with our quick & cute Cheek Art. At Grin and Wear It, We’ve got something for kids of all ages!

Farmer Tom’s CSA

Farmer Tom’s is a new generation in community supported agriculture (CSA). Our mission is to make high quality sustainably and organically grown produce available and affordable to the majority of consumers in the Chicago area.