Our Team

Joseph Robert Keogh

Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1970, Joseph learned at an early age the value of education with a father and grandmother who were educators.  He discovered his talents early in life helping to assist his father in the classroom as his father encouraged him to teach lessons and read stories to his students.  He further recognized his gift to teach while volunteering as a soccer coach in the local parks commission.  Joseph graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1999 and followed in his father’s footsteps returning to Detroit to begin an eleven year teaching career in the early elementary grade levels.  Joseph with a firm belief that learning returned to school graduating with a master’s degree in elementary education and with a firm belief in lifelong learning followed it up with a second master’s degree in educational leadership.  After relocating to Chicago with his family in 2010, he decided that he wanted to make a larger impact on educating children by partnering with his wife.

Anya and Joe Keogh

Anya Keogh

Born in Vladivostok, Russia in 1977 Anya moved to US in 1994 to obtain her BA in Accounting from the University of Mississippi. What started as a 4 year journey turned into permanent move after she met her husband and moved to Grosse Pointe, MI in 1999 where she completed her MBA. Anya has worked in small business lending for the last 8 years helping businesses grow and expand. She is a proud, dedicated mom of two beautiful boys.

After an opportunity brought her to Chicago in 2009, she relocated her family to the Lakeview East neighborhood.  Disappointed in continuous strenuous cuts to public education in art, music and world languages over the last few years accompanied with limited choices for early childhood and after school care in her neighborhood she encouraged her husband and friend to put their minds together to create a program to answer growing educational needs of this community.