Every night I tuck the boys into bed and after prayers we talk about the wish list. The wish list is everything we would like to do when the sun comes up.

Usually they are everyday pleasures, like walking the dog, grabbing mommy a coffee, having a play date, making art, baking cupcakes, building a tower. Sometimes there are special requests; can we go to my favorite place for mac+cheese? Can we have friends over for a play date?, buy a special toy and sometimes we have birthday parties to attend.

I secretly had my own wish list too; a place to have a coffee, read the paper or work on the Internet, indulge in a lovely pastry, have a relaxing moment, catch up with a old friend…ahhh if only wishes came true.

The wish list is simple enough, but for busy parents and caregivers there are chores and errands, and work that needs to be attended to, and sometimes there is not enough time in a day to venture to 3 or 4 or more different places to fulfill every ones wish list, let alone have that relaxing moment.

After years of searching for that perfect place, the wish list has become a reality with Kookaburra Play Café. Prior to opening, we surveyed parents about their family wish list and thus created a business trying our best to grant them.

Kookaburra Play Café is a vibrant, lofty atmosphere, capturing modern design with a focus on art as inspiration for children and parents alike.

This is a place where children can play, create, explore, listen to stories, have a play date, and celebrate a birthday party. There will be arts and crafts, after school programs and yoga classes. All ages are welcome. Parents can have a meet up, host a baby shower or relax and watch your children play while you enjoy your moment.

We’ve created a special place for families. This is a place where we can do the everyday with our children and enjoy every minute without added stress.

It is our mission at Kookaburra Play Café to someday be on the wish list.

Best wishes,
Kookaburra Play Café